This is Northern Ireland, Roisin McAuley!

On BBC NI radio programme “Sunday Sequence” this morning, the presenter Roisin McAuley posed the question, “Who influences you….?”

She then cited an article from a newspaper called  the Sunday Independent which had a list of the 100 most influential people in Ireland.
She then stated that the list did not include any religious people and commented on that fact with this question, “What does that say about Irish society today?”

Let it be known that Roisin McAuley was broadcasting from Northern Ireland and she lives in Northern Ireland and she grew up in Northern Ireland and yet she cites a list that pertains to the Republic of Ireland only thereby giving the impression that Northern Ireland does not exist.

We live in NI and NI is part of the United Kingdom. So why did Miss/Mrs.McAuley refer to Ireland and Irish society on a BBCNI programme broadcast from Belfast not Dublin?

The evidence points to an all-Ireland (united Ireland) mentality and agenda on the part of some in the BBC.

Beware of the left-wing BBC.

Listen to the “AlI-Ireland” propaganda at the link below   The discussion starts at I minute 13 seconds in to programme and ends at 10 minutes 55 seconds.

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