Islam – the politically INCORRECT truth

Is Islam the “religion of peace” Muslim apologists claim that it is or does it advocate violent jihad against non-Muslims? The videos below answer this question. The speaker is Dr.David Wood.

In the wake of the horror that was visited on Paris, the Islamic Centre in Belfast issued a statement condemning the murderous rampage, yet in January of this year, one of their number, Dr.Raied Al-Wazzan praised ISIS rule in Iraq. He later apologised saying he “used the wrong words.”

Was his apology genuine? In the wake of the Paris horror, Dr. Raied Al-Wazzan said that ISIS cannot be singled out for criticism from many similar groups.

Again we ask the question, was his apology genuine or calculated to deceive? Incredibly, this is the man who made a complaint about Pastor James McConnell who is now being prosecuted for a sermon he preached which included references to Islam. The prosecution and hounding of Pastor McConnell is an outrage.

Dr. Al-Wazzan praised ISIS rule in Iraq (as we stated earlier) yet they are murdering savages just like the other Muslim terror groups Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, the Taliban and Boko Haram etc. Remember the beheadings in Iraq in 2004, who could forget Ken Bigley, Nick Berg and so many others. The modus operandi of all these terrorist groups is the same, rapes, torture and gruesome murders. Jihadi John (so-called) was the latest in a long line of Muslim executioners (murderers,) before he was apparently “taken out” in a drone strike.

Now view the videos by Dr.Wood

One thought on “Islam – the politically INCORRECT truth

  1. Dear Mr and Mrs White

    Here is how the crowd at Speakers Corner on Sunday just gone (two days after the attack) reacted to being told that the Massacre in France “had nothing to do with Islam”.


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