Which are you Amanda Ferguson? Drudge, Hack, Idiot?

Amanda Ferguson is a Journalist (perhaps that word should be in quotation marks) here in Northern Ireland.

There was a discussion on breast feeding in public places (Westminster Parliament in particular) on the BBC Radio Ulster programme “Talkback” today, and, as usual, the feminists were out in force to demand this as a right. Strange to hear them talk about breastfeeding because most of them advocate child destruction (abortion) not child nourishment.

Only one of the panel, a self-described feminist, talked any sense. The rest was the predictable feminist drivel about employers’ responsibility to kowtow to and accommodate working breastfeeding women regardless of the sensitivities and natural embarrassment of most men (and many women.)

Women with young babies should not be working at all, except in dire financial circumstances and, if they must take their babies to the workplace, which is far from ideal, breastfeeding must be done in a private place and, even there, discreetly.

Now, to return to Amanda Ferguson. She entered the debate with a comment on BBC Talkback Twitter page and what was her lofty take on the matter?

“Women should be free to breastfeed their babies wherever they choose. Anyone objecting is an idiot.”

Oh Madam Ferguson, just who is the idiot? You should leave people guessing instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

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