Pam and Emma, the onus is on you to prove you oppose SSM

Because there is evidence to the contrary (see our post about Pam Cameron ” Has Pam let the cat out of the bag?”)

Was Pam Cameron promising the LGBT lobby that soon she and certain others in the DUP will show their true colours and vote for homosexual “marriage” when their Party permits them a free vote on the matter?

The possibility exists!

Recently Emma Pengelly who now sits as a MLA despite the fact that she never fought an election and therefore was not voted in, posted a portion of a poem on her twitter page. The “poet” was Maya Angelou, a feminist and LGBT advocate and a supporter of homosexual “marriage.”

Emma Pengelly said of her, “Without doubt, one of my favourite poets. A message for women in all walks of life, from my fav poem “Still I Rise.”

I read the poem in its entirety online and it is vile.

So Pam Cameron and Emma Pengelly, tell the people of Northern Ireland where you (really) stand on SSM. Are you pro or anti?




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