The EX-Pastor’s wife with no surname!

I have already mentioned the Ex-Pastor Bruce Gerencser in a previous post, and since then, I have continued to read some of the posts on his blog and posted comments when I felt it was necessary and, indeed, my duty to do so.

This man Gerencser, is one of the most despicable, obnoxious individuals I have ever encountered. He is militant, hateful atheism writ large.

He refers to himself at times as Bruce Almighty and when he does so, he adds blasphemy to his many sins. He has now made it impossible for me to post comments on his blog, so obviously, he could not handle the truth contained in my many comments. I also think it likely that I was influencing (for good) some of his regular readers and commenters so he had to silence me. He cannot silence me on our own blog however.

Before he banned me from commenting, I confronted him about his use of the designation “Ms” in reference to me, a designation I abhor. He admitted that he did this to annoy me! I asked him about his wife’s designation i.e is she referred to as “Mrs.” Gerencser or “Ms.” Gerencser. I had to force the issue to get an answer from him and what do you think he said?  “Her name is Polly.”

So there we have it. That being the case, we must assume that on their wedding day, they were pronounced “Mr. and Polly Gerencser” and that, ever since, when they receive any official letters etc, they are addressed to “Mr. and Polly Gerencser.” I think not.

Methinks the EX-Pastor is telling a fib.

Please read all the comments I posted on his blog post (link below) because some of the things he says to me and about me are violent, shocking and slanderous.

7 thoughts on “The EX-Pastor’s wife with no surname!

  1. This is one of the most pathetic, childish and ignorant things I’ve ever read. People like you are wonderful for reminding me how happy/thankful I am to have broken free from Christianity.

  2. As I mentioned on my blog, Polly has always gone by her first name. Our Christian school children called her Polly or Miss Polly. Parishioners called us by our first name. Some called me Preacher, Pastor, or Pastor Bruce, but I preferred to be called by my first name. Neither Polly or I thought it disrespectful if someone called us by our first name. We had no need or interest in being called Mrs., Mr., or Reverend.

  3. Dear Ms. White, I respectfully submit that it’s not *truth* that you get censored for, but self-righteous, arrogant, holier-than-thou pontificating. Also, sorry to break it to ya, but the only way you are influencing Bruce’s readers is by giving us a chuckle at your silly “outrage”. But carry on, you’re somewhat amusing at least.

  4. Anne White, you are a perfect example of Christians who don’t understand or respect boundaries. What business is it of yours what Polly Gerencser calls herself?

  5. Hi Susan,

    You must be very sensitive to object to the use of Ms. In Australia, this has been common place since the late 1960’s that no-one takes offence these days, not even most ardent Fundamentalists.

    As for your description of Bruce “as one of the most despicable, obnoxious individuals ” that you have ever encountered, you are way off beam in your assessment. Sure, he is an atheist, but he is most definitely NOT “militant, hateful atheism writ large”.

    If you ‘abhor’ the use of Ms., you must be out of touch with modern reality.

    By the way, how does Jesus’ command to you to love your enemies square with the kind of harsh attitudes you seem to represent?

    I wish you would reconsider your views in the light of compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness, particularly those relating to abortion, homosexuality and divorce. You need more nuanced views on these topics


    John Arthur

    • Whatever the origins of the designation “Ms,” it has been hijacked by feminists. There is a feminist magazine called “Ms” so obviously it is a designation much loved by them because they want to declare their dislike (even hatred) for the marital state and the designation “Mrs.” I have no time for this feminist nonsense. If a woman is single she is “Miss” and if married she is “Mrs.” It is insulting to be referred to as “Ms” when I am married.

      I am opposed to abortion and homosexuality and I would be opposed to these evils even if I was not a Christian. There is a great deal of evidence to prove that the unborn child is a tiny human being who can feel pain, therefore abortion is murder. There is a great deal of evidence to show that homosexual activity is very harmful physically because it is unnatural and abnormal.

      I am not opposed to divorce. There are grounds for divorce and/or separation. I am opposed to divorce when there are no Biblical grounds to permit it.

  6. I’m wondering, if Mr. Gerencser’s wife has no problem being referred to as ” my wife, or “Polly ” is there a reason why this should matter ?

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