Shallow, superficial and cowardly Pastor – darling of the BBC

Pastor Lindsay Allen is a retired Baptist Pastor. He contributes occasionally to the “Thought for the Day” slot on the BBC NI programme “Good Morning Ulster.”

The BBC is a liberal left-leaning organisation but they just love Pastor Allen!

He shared his “Thought for Today” on the programme this morning and one of the hosts jokingly described him as “Muscular Christian Pastor Lindsay Allen.”

Having listened to him several times in the past, and this morning, I have to say that there is nothing muscular about his contributions to said radio programme, they are weak and cowardly. He was speaking this morning two days after the vote on homosexual “marriage” at the NI Assembly yet he had nothing to say about the dangerous homosexual agenda. Not a word.

He did speak about asylum seekers as if they are all genuine and deserving of our help. Yet many of them appear to be young Muslim men (with mobile phones) who look nothing like scared, frightened individuals fleeing for their lives.

Pastor Allen is not averse to quoting Bible verses out of context and pressing them in to service to support his curious blend of religious socialism and laugh a minute anecdotes.

Whilst he has and does mention the word “sin,” he usually defines it as intolerance or judgemental attitudes, whereas the Biblical definition of sin is that it is the transgression of God’s law.

It is not surprising that he is so popular with the godless BBC.

However, he is not being true to his calling as a Pastor, which is to preach the Word, the whole counsel of God, in season and out of season i.e when it is popular and when it is not. He is presenting a liberal form of Christianity which ultimately will help no-one. His humorous anecdotes tagged with a Christian veneer may have some of his audience laughing with him but one thing is for sure, he won’t laugh them out of hell.

Hear him for yourself at this link to this morning’s programme, (skip to 1 hour 25 minutes 44 seconds) when he repeats his contribution which he gave earlier but the later one has the description of him as “Muscular Christian Pastor Lindsay Allen” before he speaks.

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