Has Pam let the cat out of the bag?

Pam Cameron, a DUP MLA has, it appears, let the cat out of the bag and revealed her pro-gay credentials. It appears that she is not the only hypocrite in that political Party judging by the comments that have been attributed to her, and here I quote,

“I have gay friends. I’m not a homophobic bigot. There are many more of “me” we will see NI move forward. Promise.” (end of quote)

It appears that these comments were made about six months ago (possibly at the time of the 4th debate on homosexual “marriage”) and, according to the DUP, she expressed these sentiments when she was engaged in an online conversation with someone from the Alliance Party.

The DUP are none too pleased that Mrs.Cameron’s comments have come to light and they have accused the website responsible for the expose of political point scoring. Intriguingly, the website concerned, Slugger O Toole have removed this particular report. They still have an article on their website however about the DUP and their Petition of Concern, which they used yesterday to block a motion supporting homosexual “marriage.” Had the DUP not had the Petition of Concern at their disposal, the homosexuals and their supporters would have won the day because the vote was 53 Ayes and 52 Noes.

However. it appears that the DUP have pre-signed POC’s which they can use as and when they deem it necessary (according to Pam Cameron) so that means that when the DUP MLA’s sign, they are not signing for any particular issue, so we cannot assume that all those who signed the POC which was trotted out today are opposed to homosexual “marriage.” This should not surprise anyone because it is evident that the DUP  has become increasingly secular and liberal.

We are not DUP voters nor supporters but it seems to us that the DUP are taking their electorate for granted if they think that their Petition of Concern about homosexual “marriage” will convince their grassroots supporters that they are standing for Biblical principles when earlier this year the Party stated that they would take no stance on the issue of homosexuality.

Pam Cameron is playing fast and loose with the electorate just as she played fast and loose with her first marriage i.e committing adultery then marrying her co-accused. Her adultery was wicked and her pro-gay views are wicked.

The LGBT lobby will force homosexual “marriage” on Northern Ireland, unless Almighty God intervenes. However, because of the silence and cowardice of most Evangelical Pastors/Ministers on this subject over the years, the Lord may well allow our enemies to triumph over us for a season, by permitting the NI Courts to force sodomite “marriage” and homosexual adoption and homosexual blood donations on our Province.

We are not Roman Catholics but we were impressed to read the statement put out by Catholic Bishops in NI warning about the consequences of legalising “gay” marriage. There was no such statement from Evangelical Protestant Ministers. Their silence is deafening.

Click on the links below to hear and read about Pam Cameron’s actual views on homosexual “marriage” as opposed to the carefully groomed image the DUP attempt to portray.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06l30v0      ( commences at 10.44 minutes and ends at 11.56 minutes)


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