Parliament of World Religions – “Though hand join in hand……….”

We just discovered that there is a Parliament of World Religions and they met earlier this month in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This “Parliament” is nothing more than an Ecumenical talking shop for religious socialists. As progressives, they are naturally pre-occupied with the usual things that occupy socialists, religious or otherwise i.e  the equality and diversity agenda, feminism and climate change, to name a few.

The “green” agenda i.e environmentalism or “everythingism” (quote from Dr.Calvin Beisner, see below) is a religion. It is idolatry. The eco-warriors have another “god” i.e the environment and they and their pseudo-science must be confronted and exposed.

Dr.Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance, a Christian organisation which confronts the lies of the “green” agenda has said, “Environmentalism is the greatest threat to Western civilisation.”

On their website, the Parliament for World Religions spouts the usual lovey dovey nonsense about loving everybody and everything. However we suspect that their “love” does not extend to those who criticise and condemn their syncretistic love-fest.

The Bible states in Proverbs ch.11 v.21 the following, “Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished.”

No doubt the Parliament of World Religions would reject this as hate speech and unloving.

Their short video about climate change can be found at this link:

3 thoughts on “Parliament of World Religions – “Though hand join in hand……….”

    • We do not believe in the pseudo-scientific nonsense coming from the eco-warriors of the left wing “green” movement. They hate human beings, seeing them as a cancer on the earth. They worship the environment and their “god” is the climate. They seek to silence all opposition to their dangerous nonsense by describing us as “climate change deniers.” They hope to silence us by putting us in the same category as holocaust deniers. This is a deliberate strategy on their part. They will not succeed.

      • How can they hate Human beings?? That is utter nonsense. Also we know that the environment and the Climate exist, we know they’re real. Science also exists. There is no concrete evidence for the existence of your “God”… All you have is blind faith, nothing more.
        What is totally known is that this Planet we live on is all we have and we must look after it.

        Supposing they’re right and the World is heating up, do you think your God would just step in and stop it, or do you think you and others like you would be “raised Body and soul into the Rapture” leaving the rest of the Earth to Fry?
        You can be sure that that won’t happen. You’ll be left to the same fate as everyone else.

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