UKIP’s NI leader thinks homosexuality is natural

David McNarry is the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party in Northern Ireland. The overall leader of UKIP is Nigel Farage.

David McNarry appeared on the Stephen Nolan TV show in Northern Ireland on Wednesday night of this week. The subject being debated was homosexual “marriage.”

UKIP as a Party are supposedly against homosexual “marriage” although their opposition to it has little or nothing to do with morality and everything to do with pragmatism and winning votes.

At one point during the discussion, Stephen Nolan asked David McNarry the following question, “Do you think that homosexuality is natural?

David McNarry replied with these telling words, “I do, yes.”

UKIP have a LGBT group within its ranks with the approval of the Party hierarchy and they marched with other homosexuals at this year’s London Pride parade. UKIP had a transsexual as a guest speaker at one of their recent conferences and he (dressed in women’s clothes) was given a warm welcome from UKIP members.

Keep all this in mind when UKIP say they are opposed to homosexual “marriage.”


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