The Left Wing, not the West Wing

The clip below is from a US television series called the West Wing and centres around a fictional US President. We do not watch TV and (with the exception of this clip) have never seen this programme. We were made aware of this clip when an individual, who obviously agrees with the sentiments contained therein, posted about it on his blog.

In the clip, the fictional President clearly demonstrates his hatred for the Bible, his venom being particularly directed at some Old Testament laws including the law forbidding homosexual activity. He mocks and ridicules and intimidates a woman who believes the Bible and, in doing so, he shows his ignorance and spiritual blindness.

He fails to realise that most of the Old Testament laws he cited were for the theocratic State of Israel and are no longer in force. However, the law prohibiting homosexual activity is still in force today and this can be seen by its inclusion in the New Testament. Some laws were not carried over into the New Testament era, with the notable exception of homosexual conduct. It is forbidden for all time.

Now watch and see the main character’s breathtaking arrogance and ignorance,


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