DUP’s “Petition of Concern” masks their faux concern about homosexuality

Next Monday in Northern Ireland two political Parties, Sinn Fein in cahoots with the SDLP, will force yet another vote on homosexual “marriage” in the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont Belfast.

It is extremely unlikely that these liberal lefties will get their way because the DUP (the largest unionist Party) will play their trump card once again and table a “Petition of Concern” which has thwarted the four previous and dastardly attempts by the Left to force homosexual “marriage” on Northern Ireland.

Whilst we are glad that the DUP can stop the legalisation of homosexual “marriage” in NI by using this tactic, we suspect that they do so because they know that an election is looming and therefore they cannot risk permitting their MLA’s a free vote because some of them might just vote “yes”  and then the DUP would be “punished” at the ballot box.

Their tactic appears to be a ploy because the DUP, as a Party, has become increasingly secular and liberal in recent years. In fact, in April this year, Peter Robinson, the DUP leader made it clear that his Party would now take no position on homosexuality, and this from a Party which once campaigned against homosexuality.

So it would appear that the DUP are unconcerned about homosexuality, despite their “Petition of Concern.”

In conclusion, a word to those who vote for the DUP at election time.    Don’t be DUPed.


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