Three Nutty Professors – Breikss, Fowler and Streamas

Marxist professors at Washington State University in America are threatening to fail students who use what they refer to as “hate speech.”

The  dim-witted professors cite words such as “male” and “female” and “illegal immigrants” as examples of “hate speech.”

This is hilarious but these professors aren’t laughing, they are serious and they will punish those who persist in using such words, unless the University hierarchy remove them from their “teaching” positions.

If not, their classrooms will soon look like a re-enactment of the Stalinist show trials during which people were forced to confess to non-existent crimes.

The UK universities have likewise been virtually taken over by Marxists and students must conform to the prevailing Marxist madness or face the consequences.

This has to stop or society will reach the point of no return!

2 thoughts on “Three Nutty Professors – Breikss, Fowler and Streamas

  1. So the famous advocate of the right to life of the child has had nothing at all to say about the dead 3 year old Aylan Kurdi…? where are your words now Mrs White? or does a Muslim child, a BORN Muslim child, not warrant a self-righteous outburst from yourself?

    Thought not.


    • I do not allow the likes of Stephen Nolan and William Crawley (or you J Cantrell) to dictate to me. I do not dance to their (or your) tune. I have not seen the photo of the child in question but if it is genuine, then the poor child is a victim of Islam. Who do you think he and his family were fleeing from? Why the “religion of peace” i.e Islam of course, and their fellow Muslims i.e ISIS. You can blame Islam for the death of that child, and don’t forget all the other victims who have died at the hands of the “religion of peace,” including Lee Rigby, Ken Bigley, Nick Berg and so many others.
      The BBC and most of the media are engaged in a propaganda exercise in the matter of the so-called “refugees” and they are brainwashing the public, most of whom have long since given up thinking for themselves and are happy for Nolan and Crawley to tell them what to think and how to respond to this or that crisis (some “crises” are manufactured.) If Nolan and Crawley are so concerned about the “refugees” plight, let them open their homes to some of them AND donate large sums of money to help the others. Nolan is very rich and I don’t think that Crawley is poverty stricken. Multiculturalism and Islam is behind this chaotic, often riotous migrant situation. Multiculturalists want to destroy the concept of the nation state and national sovereignty and their weapon of choice is uncontrolled mass immigration. There may be genuine asylum seekers among the thousands of migrants and we need to find a way to check who is genuine and who is not, but I have no doubt that hidden among the migrants are Muslim and non-Muslim terrorists and other criminals. Sweden and Norway bear chilling testimony to the dangers of multiculturalism because both countries have seen a huge increase in gang rapes of Swedish and Norwegian women by immigrants (mostly Muslims.) Have you connected the dots yet, J Cantrell?

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