Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in thrall of Islam

Three Muslim chefs from Bengal were employed by a restaurant called Le Papillon on the Park in Toronto, Canada.

They took their employers to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario claiming “discrimination.” Two had been fired and one quit.

The employers disputed the claims of the three Muslims, but who do you think the Human Rights Tribunal believed?

The Muslims (no surprise there.) The Canadian PC elite must hate their own citizens.

The restaurant owners were ordered to pay 100,000 dollars in damages to the Bengali Muslims even though there was  little  “objectively verifiable evidence available to guide (it) in making findings of fact.”

The restaurant owners asked for a review of the Tribunal’s decision (as no appeal was possible) but the Court found no error and stated that the Tribunal’s decision was “reasonable.” The restaurant owners now have to pay 7,500 dollars for Court costs in addition to the above-mentioned huge sum (100,000 dollars.)

Why were Muslims believed and Canadian citizens disbelieved? Could it be that the Human Rights quango know that Islam is a violent religion and that if their claim of discrimination was rejected, they and their fellow Muslims would react violently?

In our opinion, the restaurant owners have suffered an injustice from a Tribunal and Court that are biased in favour of Islam.

Read about this case at the following links. The case was listed as “Islam v Big Inc” 2013 HRTO 2009.

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