Christian Pastor endorses politician who wants marijuana legalised !!!

Pastor Voddie Baucham recently endorsed Texas politician David Simpson for the Senate next year. Mr. Simpson is a professing Christian who is (incredibly) for the legalisation of marijuana.

What are we to conclude about Pastor Baucham’s endorsement of such a candidate?

Earlier this year on his facebook, he described this man as a “dear friend” whose views are “worthy of examination and discussion.”  So no condemnation there of Simpson and his views.

In July this year, Voddie Baucham’s son-in-law Phillip Holmes on Twitter posted a retweet from someone calling himself “Teddy @Eliseus Dee” who posted a link to a video of Milton Friedman discussing “Why drugs should be legalised.”

Mr. Holmes gave no explanation as to why he posted a link to such a video nor did he condemn drugs in any way. In light of all this disturbing information, it is right and proper (indeed duty demands it) for us to ask the following question,

Does Voddie Baucham and son-in-law Phillip Holmes agree with David Simpson i.e are they (going) soft on marijuana?

If they are not, the onus is on them to say so and cease from ambiguous statements and actions.

We are vehemently opposed to the legalisation of dangerous drugs and we assumed our fellow Christians were likewise opposed to this social evil. It seems that cannot be assumed as a “given” any longer.

Click on link below to read Pastor Baucham’s endorsement of Texas politician Simpson,

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