“For the apparel oft proclaims the man” (Shakespearean quote)

Why do most people dress today like the modern version of the Marxist proletariat and/or the unisex attire that was prevalent under Chairman Mao when the object was egalitarianism or “sameness.”

The answer is that the West (in particular) is now, for the most part, Socialist/Communist having been infiltrated by cultural Marxists for years.

This cultural Marxism is now endemic in virtually every strata of society e.g Education, Politics (most Parties have swung to the Left to some degree) Industry, Music, Churches (many churches now espouse Liberation Theology which is really Religious Communism) Morality and Dress.

Clothing is a language and says a lot about the wearer (note the Shakespearean quote in our title.) The clothing worn by the majority today communicates rebellion, defiance, androgyny and ugliness.

Torn jeans and trousers, “hoodies,” trainers, the revealing attire of the harlot, body piercings and tattoos, these are the fashions of choice for millions. Sadly, many Evangelical Christians dress just like the world and there is nothing to distinguish many Christian young people from their non-Christian counterparts (although we hope that young Christians would draw the line at tattoos and body piercings.)

Click on the following links to read comments on the subject of clothing and tattoos etc from the late Lawrence Auster  and others on his website “View from the Right” on which there is much archive material.




One thought on ““For the apparel oft proclaims the man” (Shakespearean quote)

  1. Dear Susan-Anne and Francis

    Thank you for this very excellent selection of links to thoughtful and illuminating discussions about self hatred and demonism. I have watched this degeneration over 30 years and I see no indication that the tide has peaked, quite the reverse. Without God there is no hope, literally and this self mutilation and uglification is really a consequence of this; no hope and a loss of reality. Tragic really.

    I also liked the comment the only ‘sin’ now is to name sin as sin, and of course tattooing is a sin under Leviticus chapter 19 verse 28, “Ye shall not make any cutting in your flesh … nor print any marks upon you. I the LORD”.

    In a world without meaning (for the pagan, atheist and humanist) with no transcendence of a Creator and the created with relationship and purpose, there is only hopelessness and death.

    Blessings for what you do.

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