A chilling look into the eyes of New Sodom (re-posted from 2013)

We discovered that a link we gave in a post from February 2013 no longer shows the photo we mentioned in said post, so we are giving another link with this updated post.

The eyes of the two homosexuals in the photo are chilling in the extreme, and even if their strange look can be blamed on the camera, the photo still serves to show that the heart of Sodom is frightening.

The additional link we are giving with this post is a photo of the Christian witness against Londonderry Pride which took place yesterday. We Christians were few in number (about 18 of us or thereabouts) which is very discouraging considering the number of Evangelical Christian churches in the area. Wake up Pastors, Wake up Christians!

In the photo of the Christian protest, please note the man in a suit and cap at the right of the photo. He is in conversation with some of the Christian men in our group.

This man is a homosexual and he can also be seen in the photo found at the first link we gave above in which he is dressed in clerical garb and is standing with a fellow homosexual activist, both of them looking like the living dead.



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