Satanists stage publicity stunt in support of devilish Planned Parenthood

View the video at the link below to see Satanists in Detroit drenching women from their group in milk in support of their devilish comrades in Planned Parenthood.

Recently Planned Parenthood were exposed for selling the organs of aborted babies. That organisation has been murdering unborn babies for years so we should not be surprised at these recent revelations about them.

There have been many protests against PP in recent days following the release of  videos that expose some of their staff discussing the money they can make from selling organs from aborted babies. It is difficult to find words to describe the wickedness of PP.

However, some of the protestors against PP seem concerned only with the sale of aborted baby organs and not with abortion itself.

The issue here is abortion. If abortion was illegal, there would be no evil trade in aborted baby parts.

The video of the Detroit Satanists mentioned above can be viewed at

Note that some of the male Satanists are dressed like Roman Catholic priests, one is carrying a crucifix and they are saying the RC vain repetition “Hail Mary.” So, to the Satanists, Roman Catholicism and Christianity are synonymous.

This is not true. Roman Catholicism is NOT Biblical Christianity, it is, in the main, a “Christianised” version of paganism.


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