Not so clean “Kleeneze”

Kleeneze is a multi-level marketing company in the UK and other parts of Europe employing independent distributors who go door to door leaving Kleeneze catalogues with a view to finding regular customers for their products.

A few days ago, the local Kleeneze distributor left the current catalogue(s) with us for our perusal. We have purchased items from Kleeneze in the past but will not do so again.


Kleeneze are now promoting homosexual “marriage!”  The company is now selling kitchen items (bread boards or chopping boards) with a choice of three designations on them (and only one is normal) and the designations are as follows, “Mr. & Mrs.” “Mr. & Mr.” and Mrs. & Mrs.”

I phoned Kleeneze to complain and was told that they cannot discriminate and must be “inclusive” (the predictable PC response.)

They are sorry that we are offended but that is as far as it goes. It is highly unlikely that they will remove the offending items from their catalogue.

I also informed the local distributor of our concern and advised him that we will not be purchasing anything from Kleeneze ever again.

Now Kleeneze customer, what will you do?

3 thoughts on “Not so clean “Kleeneze”

  1. I would still buy from Kleeneze. Your complaint is discrimination. You do not have to buy those products. There are many other excellent products available. You are just missing out!

  2. Are you for real? My …, what an awfuly narrow-minded individual. Surely this post is a joke? It’s like a child throwing their dummy out the pram. How do you survive in the real world if something like that upsets you and causes you to over react and lose out. Get a grip!!!

  3. I would not support any company who supports unnatural marriage or advocates unnnatural sexual behaviour. A broad mind is a cesspit of unsound reasoning and unsavoury behaviour.
    Reasonable discrimination will protect community

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