Cult masquerading as House Church in County Tyrone

Yesterday I discovered that a cultic group are resident in Seskinore, a small village in County Tyrone.

Who are they?

None other than the Worldwide Church of God whose founder was the late Herbert Armstrong. It is now known as Grace Communion International in the USA.

The group who meet in Seskinore refer to themselves as a House church and have a website called “Exploding Word Ministries.”

They are actively seeking converts and have recently engaged in “outreach projects” in Omagh and it is their intention to engage in similar proselytising activities in all the small towns across Northern Ireland.

Notwithstanding the fact that this cult has abandoned some of the heretical doctrines taught by Herbert Armstrong (although these doctrinal changes appear to be largely cosmetic) and the fact that they desire to appear more Biblically orthodox, the WCG is still a cultish sect and should be avoided at all costs.

They are coming to a town near you NI resident. You have been warned. Beware!

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