Police refuse to arrest an adulteress in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina in the USA has laws against adultery and homosexuality. The definition of these crimes/sins and the punishments that fit these horrible acts are delineated in the State legislature list of “Offenses Against Morality and Decency.”

The penalty for the convicted adulterer (male and female) is “liable to indictment and, on conviction, a fine or imprisonment (not less than 6 months nor more than one year) or both i.e a fine and imprisonment.

The penalty for buggery (sodomy) which is described as an abominable crime (and this description concurs with the Bible) is five years in prison or a fine of 500 dollars, or both.

However, although the state of South Carolina has these laws on its statute books, it seems that the police and prosecutors are reluctant to enforce said laws, in particular, the law forbidding adultery.

Yesterday, I read of a man who has an adulteress wife and he lives in South Carolina. He has contacted the Police and asked them to do their duty, i.e arrest her, but this they will not do! Shame on them. What is the use of a law which is not enforced?

This wicked adulteress has betrayed her husband, broken his heart, hurt her children, yet is totally unrepentant.

I urge the police to do their duty and arrest this woman because she has committed a crime and she has offended a holy God who has said that He will judge people like her. In the New Testament we read that God will judge adulterers and whoremongers and there will be no exceptions.

Never ever joke about adultery, never ever treat it lightly. It is a heinous sin, and one of the worst that anyone could commit.

May Almighty God comfort the betrayed spouse and his children.

We need these laws here in Northern Ireland.

To that end, I stated that I would recriminalize homosexuality and punish adulterers in the manifesto which I drew up for the recent election, in which I stood as an Independent candidate (but was not elected.)

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