The Biblical Gospel DOES have a monopoly of the truth!

The statement that comprises our title was prompted by a radio discussion programme on the Nolan show on 6th August. Two individuals discussed the situation in Ballymena where Christian preachers from a Gospel Hall were asked to tone down their open-air preaching because it was too loud for the delicate sensibilities of some worldlings.

The preachers complied with the “request” (demand) and this incident was discussed with a journalist and a Christian Minister on the Nolan show.

At a certain point in the discussion, the Minister made a very ambiguous statement and here we repeat it ad verbatim,
“We don’t have a monopoly of the truth….”

We were startled by these words and wondered what he could possibly mean, because, taken at face value, he gave the impression that Evangelical Christians do not have a monopoly of the truth.

We sought clarification from the Minister himself and were told that he meant that his denomination (Free Presbyterian) did not have a monopoly of the truth.

We were not happy with this explanation for several reasons,

1. His denomination was never mentioned during the course of the discussion so how was anyone to know who or what he was referring to,

2. The Gospel Hall and the Free Presbyterian church preach the same Gospel message i.e Repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ so both can claim to have a monopoly of the truth by virtue of the fact that they believe and preach the same Gospel message.

3. The Lord Jesus Christ did claim to have a monopoly of the truth for He said “I am the way, the truth and the life,” therefore Bible-believing Christians do have a monopoly of the truth irrespective of which Bible-believing Church or Assembly one attends.

4. In a syncretistic age which promotes the idea that there are many ways to God and that there is truth in all religions, Bible-believing Christians must proclaim the exclusivity of the Christian Gospel and that Christ is the only Saviour and that Christianity is true and all other religions are false.

During the radio programme, the Christian Minister, in stating that “we do not have a monopoly of the truth” introduced ambiguity into the discussion and failed to assert the exclusive claims of Christ who claimed to be the only way to God the Father, a doctrine he assuredly shares with the Ballymena Brethren preachers.

He gave the impression by his use of the word “we” that he meant ” we Evangelical Christians.”

Listen to the programme and draw your own conclusions. The discussion starts at 41 minutes and 16 seconds into the programme and ends at 55 minutes and 32 seconds. Skip to 47 minutes and 22 seconds and onwards to hear the troubling statement.

2 thoughts on “The Biblical Gospel DOES have a monopoly of the truth!

  1. Dear Francis and Susan Anne

    You are right of course Jesus is the ONLY way and to suggest otherwise is wrong. There are absolutes in life and this is most assuredly one of them.

    What a disappointment to our Faith and Belief these men are and how surely they lead others into error.

    Well done you for pointing out the truth, Jesus is the only Son of God, he is divine and he came to earth in the flesh. There is no other way to God or to enjoying His blessing of eternal life.

  2. Mr and Mrs White, how is it “Truth”?? Where is your concrete evidence that it is “Truth”?? The “Truth” is that you have no proof at all. You only have Faith in a Book that is Man-made, full of stories that were “chosen” for it, and is so re-edited over the decades, that it is not possible to tell which of it is genuine.

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