Amnesty International – a lair of whoremongers, pro-aborts and pro-sodomites

Amnesty International, a wicked left-wing organisation, voted yesterday for the decriminalisation of prostitution.
This should not surprise anyone because this is the predictable direction of travel for a left-wing PC organisation.

Amnesty NI is also pro-abortion (as seen in their ” My Body My Rights” campaign) and pro-LGBT (as seen in their support of and participation in a rally for homosexual “marriage” in Belfast in June this year.)

Should anyone reading this post support Amnesty in any way, we urge you to withdraw your support immediately. Do not give them another penny of your money. We hope they are soon bankrupt and that their “leading lights” i.e Patrick Corrigan and Grainne Teggart will be found among the ranks of the unemployed.

No amnesty for Amnesty International !




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