Belfast Pride – on the highway to hell

Yesterday saw the annual display of the depraved and vulgar i.e Belfast “gay” pride parade. These appalling spectacles have been corrupting the streets of Belfast for 25 years.

Yesterday’s parade was (in our view) much larger than any before probably because they were “celebrating” their 25th “birthday,” although they had nowhere near the 40,000 participants claimed by some elements in the media.

We made our opposition to this evil parade known by travelling to Belfast and confronting the marchers with Bible placards, and by urging them to repent of their wickedness.

The two of us stood alone, apart from (but in full agreement with) our fellow Christians who engaged in open-air witness as a group in front of the City Hall. They were surrounded by a protective barrier with police nearby but we had no such protection, as we prefer to confront the marchers face to face to let them see that we are not intimidated by them, and also to reclaim the streets of Belfast from the LGBT brigade as they strut arrogantly and shamelessly around my city (I am a native of Belfast.)

One of the floats in the parade had gyrating fools on it, dancing wildly to the heavy rock music “song” called “Highway to Hell” by rock group AC/DC.

That song could be the anthem of those homosexual parades because they are on the “highway to hell” unless and until they repent of their sin and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and deliverance.

Here are some of the lyrics of “Highway to Hell,”

“Going down party time,
My friends are gonna be there too
No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody’s gonna mess me round
Hey Satan paid my dues
Playing in a rocking band

Hey Momma, look at me
I’m on my way to the promised land

And I’m going down,
all the way down,
I’m on the highway to hell” (end of song lyrics quotes)

The lead singer of AC/DC, Bon Scott, died in mysterious circumstances within months of recording the album “Highway to Hell.” Date of death 19.2.80.

Another of AC/DC songs is called “Hells Bells” which contains the line, “If you’re into evil, you’re a friend of mine.”

The lyrics of these songs describe the arrogance and rebellion and desperate wickedness which permeates not just rock music but also, the LGBT lobby and their “gay” pride parades.

In conclusion, we wish to issue a warning to that wolf/goat Chris Hudson, the “Minister” of All Souls Church in Belfast who has the audacity to call himself a Christian Minister.

You Chris Hudson are also on the highway to hell (except you repent) and what is even sadder is that you are taking others with you i.e homosexuals to whom you give a false sense of spiritual security by telling them that God is accepting of their lifestyle.

If you want to go to the lake of fire Chris Hudson, so be it, but please, go alone!


6 thoughts on “Belfast Pride – on the highway to hell

  1. ok, you have highlighted the gay sin, now what about you.

    What is your sin, what is so disgusting and abhorrent that it was necessary for Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of the Most High God, to hang naked nailed to that cross for 3 hours. His back made Like a ploughed field after being scourged with whips and that horrid crown of thorn driven into his precious head. Your Sin must be horrendous to require that. You call on gays to repent from their sin but is it not high time you confessed yours to your audience. It is not unreasonable to ask for we remember the credibility that was given to Born-Again Christian Iris Robinson before we learned what we learned .

    Come on Mrs White tell us what are your Abominations, they must be really bad to put Jesus Christ through so much for you. ?

    • The Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, so of course I have sinned and sin every day in thought, word and deed (as does everyone else on the face of the earth.) There are no sinless Christians, we will only be sinless when we are with the Lord in heaven. However, the grace and mercy and forgiveness of God does not give born-again Christians a licence to sin. We are to flee from temptation and to resist sin with the help of God and by memorising Bible verses that deal specifically with our area of weakness (we all have our individual Achilles heel.)
      Whilst all sin is sin, some sins are more serious in nature and consequences than others just as some crimes are more serious than other crimes, for example, stealing a pencil from a shop is a sin/crime but it is not in any way as serious as murder. Likewise lust of the eyes and thoughts is a sin and is dangerous and must be repented of, but yielding to the temptation to commit adultery is worse. Most thieves would not want to parade the fact that they steal in a Thieves pride, nor do we see a murderers pride parade nor an adulterers pride parade because most people are ashamed of their sins/crimes. Not so the homosexuals, they are proud of their sin, and they flaunt it. This is why Christians oppose this sin by public protests (although we also publicly oppose abortion and feminism etc.) I hope this answers your question.

  2. You over use “” as if it was allegedly gay pride on Saturday (it was) and it was allegedly the anniversary of pride… (it was) You’re a fool that needs to come back down to earth with a bang. Catch a grip. Stop being such a hater. Your god and saviour would be absolutely disgusted with the hatred spouting from your mouth. In my eyes you are no better than the Westborough Baptist Church, which I’m pretty sure you will take as a twisted compliment. Have fun spending your eternity in hell. I’m sure I will see you there being a “gay” man myself.

    • I use quotation marks around the word gay to show that the homosexual lobby have hijacked that word and used it to describe their lifestyle. The word gay used to mean happy, cheerful, lighthearted. So I use quotation marks to show that the homosexuals have totally changed the original meaning of the word gay AND to emphasize that their lifestyle is anything but happy, cheerful and lighthearted. You should use the word homosexual i.e homosexual pride parade etc.
      We know the Pride parade went ahead because we went to Belfast to OPPOSE it. We did not say or imply that it allegedly took place.

    • Regarding Westboro Baptist, we do not find your comparing us to them (to whatever degree) in any way complimentary. Whilst we share their Biblical views on moral issues, we do not agree with their callous, uncaring and aggressive open air witnessing behaviour. They are wicked when they gloat over the deaths of homosexual soldiers and picket their funerals. Their website tells anyone who views it that God hates them, so how they think that they will help anyone by emphasizing only God’s hatred of them and making them feel hopeless and lost, we cannot understand. It is true that God hates sin, and the unrepentant sinner, but it is also true that God is love and has mercy and compassion for those who repent of their sin. Westboro Baptist say little or nothing of God’s love.

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