Two male feminists rebuked for sitting down while ladies stood

I encountered two male feminists this week as I happened upon a scene I have witnessed before and said nothing about (although I was irritated by it.) I went in to a chemist (pharmacy) shop and handed the pharmacist a prescription to dispense for my husband.

I knew I would have to wait for some minutes. There were two seats provided for the convenience of customers and two young men were sitting on them while two ladies stood when I arrived.

I was immediately irritated and annoyed to see two lazy, unchivalrous non-gentlemen sit while two ladies (and I made a third) stood. This is what feminism has done to society (and to men) in that males no longer think that women are deserving of nor desirous of chivalrous behaviour.

I decided there and then that I would confront these two young men and I said to them, “You sit while ladies stand.”

I continued my “lecture” with ,”Whatever happened to chivalry?”

To his credit, one of the young men rose from his seat and offered it to me but I declined the offer, telling him it was too late and that he shouldn’t need to be told to offer a woman his seat (or words to that effect.) The other young man was of a harsher countenance and totally ignored me. Soon they left, their business in the shop completed.

To you men reading this, bring back chivalry and please don’t sit while ladies stand. Don’t allow feminism to make you forget your manners.


7 thoughts on “Two male feminists rebuked for sitting down while ladies stood

  1. How do you know one of those men needed to sit due to a medical condition you self-righteous old hag? and you are NOT a lady by any means so why should you be given the seat!

    • I have approved your nasty comment because it shows the ugly face of feminism. The young men I mentioned in my post were not disabled in any way, they were both as “fit as a fiddle.” As for you Miss/Mrs Hopkins, you and your coarse, unladylike feminist army are waging war against men (and women opposed to you) and those two young men are casualties of your war in that you have emasculated them.

  2. and you call yourself Christian, embarrassed that young man to stand up then embarrass him further and reject his offer,

    Tis no wonder
    John 11:35 (KJV) Jesus wept.

    You really do have an inflated opinion of your own importance

    • Surely you know that you are taking Scripture out of context when you use the quote “Jesus wept” and apply it to the post about the charming
      (but largely lost) concept of chivalry.
      I long for a return to the age of chivalry, when most men believed the lovely adage “ladies first” and I seek it not for myself only but for all women. How does that show an inflated opinion of my own importance?

  3. Mrs White, what are your thoughts on sharing the gospel with “sinners” in NI and telling them that God loves them and died for their sins and how they can be saved and have a relationship with Him?

    I have listened to you on Radio Ulster and read your blog and have yet to hear or read of an instance of you showing kindness, compassion or love to others, but always come across as angry and at times rude.

    When I think of Jesus’ attitude and actions towards “sinners” and how he showed compassion towards them, I fear that your public profile has little in common with Him.

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