Why has this bloodthirsty rabble not been arrested?

They taunt the police with evidence of their crimes and the police look on and do NOTHING?

This despicable anarchic mob of pro-abortion fanatics protesting outside various police stations in Northern Ireland because they are denied legal child sacrifice i.e abortion. They are like members of a cult and they worship at the shrine of sexual anarchy.

Click on the links below to see the baying mob of feminists (male and female) and note their appearance. The women are immodest and vulgar in their attire and the men look like thugs. In the video below, a woman is interviewed and she has a ring in her nose. She could be mistaken for a bull.

Mr.Policeman, it is time you did your duty and arrested all those who have confessed that they have broken the law by enabling or assisting a woman or women to end the life of her/their unborn baby/babies.



2 thoughts on “Why has this bloodthirsty rabble not been arrested?

  1. Here is the full footage

    Talking about procuring intact heads, intact hearts and livers and ‘intact lower parts’ and how to achieve this with ultrasound and ‘proper’ placement of forceps. Its like something out of the Nazi death camps where they used human skin to make lampshades.

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