What do these killers all have in common?

The Tunisian Muslim killer who gunned down 38 people,
The Muslim killers of the Charlie Hebdo staff and related killings,
The killers of two Canadian soldiers this past year,
The Muslim killers of Lee Rigby,
The man who beheaded an English lady in Tenerife in 2011,
The man who beheaded a grandmother in London last year,
The perpetrator of the Tuscon massacre in 2011

What did they have in common? THEY WERE ALL ON CANNABIS!

The links below include more cases of murders and accidents committed/caused by those on cannabis (marijuana).




In the murders committed by Muslims, obviously there is another common thread and that is Islam.

The last link should be a wake-up call to members and supporters of UKIP, although sometimes it seems that nothing will wake them up regarding the truth about that libertarian, pro-gay Party!

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