Did the Mormon church in Germany prosper under Hitler?

A book was published earlier this year entitled “Moroni and the Swastika” written by David Conley Nelson.

We have not read the book and we are not advertising nor promoting it, although we may purchase it in the near future.

The subject matter of the book is very disturbing indeed because it reveals that the Mormon church in Germany during the Nazis reign of terror was not persecuted or banned but instead prospered!

Mormonism is a wily anti-Christian cult, very adept at saving its own skin (so to speak) and, it appears it took the path of least (or no) resistance during the horrific Third Reich era.

Click on the following link to read a synopsis of the above-mentioned book,

PS  The Moroni in the title of the book refers to an angel whom Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism claims appeared to him and directed him to gold plates hidden in the ground which Smith supposedly found and from which he translated the Book of Mormon.

Another figment of Joseph Smith’s imagination for he was known as a teller of tall tales and a treasure seeker!

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