Rev. Kyle Paisley finds some of my Biblical principles amusing!

Listen to the following short excerpt from today’s BBC Radio Ulster programme “Talkback,” during which Rev. Kyle Paisley (son of the late Ian Paisley) laughs at my views on homosexuality, Islam, and adultery.

The host of the programme, William Crawley, laughs right along with him.

William Crawley misrepresents me when he says that I would ban mosques. My manifesto states my views on the subject of Islam as follows,

“I pledge to …Oppose the Islamisation  of British culture – no more mosques and no more mosque extensions.” Where do I say that I would ban mosques per se, Mr. Crawley?  Please get your facts right before you say anything about me!

Please listen carefully to all of the following audio clip. Note especially how Kyle Paisley laughs about adultery and gives the impression that there are quite a few adulterous politicians in Northern Ireland!!

Mr. Paisley, there are people lying in their graves today because they were murdered by adulterous spouses, and you think adultery is amusing!

You are a disgrace and I hope and expect your denomination takes disciplinary action against you for mocking some of the Biblical principles I espouse.

4 thoughts on “Rev. Kyle Paisley finds some of my Biblical principles amusing!

  1. How disappointing to hear the son of Ian Paisley mock Christian principles and ethics. You a brave lady to stand up to this wickedness both in government and the church,

  2. No Susan, YOU are the disgrace. That you got 166 deluded bigots to vote for you both shows that the majority of society sees you for the evil nasty individual you are and that 166 people and ONLY 166 people (thank the skies) only agrees with you. You scored less votes than the cannabis party! now practise what you preach and get back in the kitchen and STAY there and stop interfering with and making a mockery of the electoral process. We want people who represent us…not CONDEMN us from behind a veil of bigotry and bitterness. What kind of life have you had to have made you so nasty, hateful and self-righteoous?

    • Andrew, in today’s culture a godly woman like Susan is mocked while the wicked are idolized and praised for their depravity. Susan is brave to run for public office and those who voted for her are to be commended. Now please practice what you preach and leave her alone.

  3. Shame on Kyle Paisley cleric in the so called separated Free Presbyterian Church making light of adultery on Talkback
    Does Rev Paisley not have any respect for the commandment
    “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”
    Mr Paisley condemned himself out of his own mouth by the flippant comments that he appeared to enjoy in conversation with William Crawley the presenter of the Talkback programme
    Clearly he is a chip of the Never Never Never ,Paisley senior who did the famous U TURN to sit in Government with Sein Fein

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