I am an Independent candidate and I am not a Roman Catholic

Some recent comments and e-mails we have received makes it necessary for me to state that I am not a Roman Catholic, because for some inexplicable reason, some people seem to think I am and that their concerns and questions about the RC church can be addressed to me.

To such people I say, I am an Evangelical Christian, so please address your questions and concerns about the RC church to them.

Some news reports about my campaign have not clearly stated that I am an Independent candidate, and because of my support for the recent comments made by Jim Wells, some people may link me with his Party, the DUP.

I am an Independent candidate and have no links to any Party, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that a vote for the DUP is a vote for me. It is not!

I do not want the DUP to profit in any way from my uncompromising moral views, because they, as a Party, are liberalising their views on homosexuality and abortion, despite them swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other as the election draws ever closer.

Take special note of the behaviour of DUP woman Pam Lewis/Cameron following the press reports of Jim Wells’ comments. She disassociated herself from them! The DUP should have disassociated themselves from her some years ago i.e expelled her, for her adultery. She’s obviously more concerned about the possibility of offending homosexuals than she is of offending God and her husband.

In conclusion, dear electorate, please remember, I am an Independent candidate and I am not a Roman Catholic.

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