Mrs. White takes part in election debate

Click on the link below to watch the entire debate. It begins with a 90-second introduction to every candidate, during which they summarize their election campaign. Question number 2 concerned abortion, and question number 5 concerned homosexual “marriage”.

16 thoughts on “Mrs. White takes part in election debate

  1. Mrs White, where we have arrived has taken over a century and it will probably take more than a century to role back the tide of evil that has engulfed the West. Indeed it is highly unlikely that we will ever turn it back. Homosexuality as you know is not simply a condition but is also a curse placed upon nations that succumb to idolatry. Having said that you are the bravest woman, let alone person, I have heard. You are worth a thousand men and God Bless you for fearlessly exposing this evil and standing for the Truth of Jesus Christ.

    • David, you and I know each other. Mrs White is another kettle of fish altogether, although she and I also go back a long way.

      I regard the reference to “small but wise” creatures, in Proverbs 30 or 31 (possibly locusts?), which “though they have no king”, nevertheless manage to “move together in ranks”, as a metaphor for the role of the Holy Spirit, the only “pope” we need.

      I have posted two quite long comments on You Tube so far, defensive of Mrs White.

      Mrs White and I have in common that we both thought we’d heard from God, directing us to stand for Parliament, with manifestos at first glance different. Hers has been mocked. Mine has been ignored. Thank God that God is clever. Some good will come of this, I am sure. It might not take a whole century for the benefits to be reaped either.

      John Allman
      “Let every child have both parents” candidate, North Cornwall constituency, British general election of 7th May 2015

    • Absolutely David, I couldn’t agree more. Although I would say it has taken more like 200 years and I recommend “Apostate, The Men who Destroyed the West” by Kevin Swanson as an excellent summary of how we got here. I thought it was also telling on the TV video clip that the audience roared that they said they, “didn’t want the truth”.

  2. Yes, would you also please contact us, a remnant who meet in London, committed to re – establishing the Judeo Christian faith in Britain. Clearly homosexuality is the weapon of choice, along with ubber feminism, used by the cultural Marxists to destroy our nation. It would be great to make contact.

    • I suggest you stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking, your reply makes no sense at all. But as your comment is logged here the PSNI will no doubt be contacting you as they are investigating Mrs White’s activities. ‘Cultural marxists’…? what a joke. I dont think you know what either word means.

  3. Just seen it in the newspaper and on twitter, you are being investigated by the police for your disgusting vile comments and serves you right. Its about time you were pulled over about your appalling behaviour and hate speech.

  4. Kate Singleton’s comment, if she is serious, openly declares that the LGBTINOPSZ ( lesbian; gay; bisexual; transsexual; incestuous; necrophile; objectumsexuals; polysexuals; polyamours; pederastist; paedophiles; selfsexuals; zoophiles) are not into your “live and let live” kind of tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Quite clearlly there is no room in this World for you and me my dears. This is a zero sum game in which the winner takes all and the loser leavers with nothing.
    This leaves us with few options. There is no half way house or accommodation with those who are intent on destroying not only themselves but us and our children along with them. .

    • Why is that every time there is a debate with Christian fundamentalists on the subject of homosexuality, we always end up with something along the lines of “Ah, but next thing you’ll be in a polygamous marriage with your car and your horse!”.

      I think we need to open up some new asylums, there’s some lunatics on the loose.

  5. I am looking forward to the PSNI investigating not only Mrs White’s public comments but this blog (which has been reported to them), the people supporting Mrs White’s comments on here and the PSNI tracking those people via ISP addresses contained within the comments. People who make and support hate speech these days suffer the consequences. The Bible wont protect you nor will the make-believe-man-in-the-sky. Mr and Mrs White (especially) seem to think their religion and beliefs allow them privileges extended to nobody else in society….they are about to discover otherwise. Myself and thousands of others look forward to the next stage of the investigation. With baited breath. People who write hate speech are ’40 times more likely’ to be arrested and prosecuted for doing so.

    And ‘I can prove it!’……….

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