Selfridges store promotes androgynous fashions!

Selfridges department store in London has androgyny on its agenda with the launch of its “Agender” fashion line.

It is promoting the insane idea that gender differences can be ignored and that men can buy women’s clothes and vice versa and, to that end, they have done away with separate men’s and women’s clothing departments.

This development is deeply disturbing and frightening. Look at the link below and scroll down to see photos of effeminate-looking men and masculine-looking women. You will see the kind of society Selfridges envisions for us all.

Men and women are different and Selfridges ignores those differences at their peril.

Resist this madness. Contact Selfridges and complain about their “Agender” agenda and, if you live in London, boycott the store.

2 thoughts on “Selfridges store promotes androgynous fashions!

  1. I’m sure you’ll want to make sure the information you post here is correct. Far from having “done away with separate men’s and women’s clothing departments”, Selfridges still dedicates an entire floor to men’s clothing, and at least one and half floors to women’s clothing. Agender is a very small section of the shop; a small concession with barely more than 2 or 3 rails of clothes. If you wish to be taken seriously, you’ll do well to avoid such hyperbole in future.

  2. I know, progressive change is truly terrifying to old-fashioned, Bible-loving conservatives like you! Why does this offend you so much lol

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