This man is a dangerous fool (and a “dear friend of Voddie Baucham”)

The despicable descent in to liberal attitudes on the part of the trendy “New Evangelical” crowd continues to appal and alarm.

One such example is an American politician, Texas Representative David Simpson (R-Longview) and his liberal views on marijuana. He claims to be an Evangelical Christian.

His House Bill 2165 (March 2015,) would remove all marijuana prohibition laws from the book!

Voddie Baucham, a Christian Pastor, posted a link to David Simpson’s article on his Facebook. The article is entitled, “The Christian case for drug law reform.”  What a contradiction in terms!

Baucham does not give his views on this subject as such, but he says enough to set alarm bells ringing!

On his facebook, he describes Representative David Simpson as ” a dear friend of mine.” He also states that Simpson’s argument is “worthy of examination and discussion.”

Read the article at this link,

It is incumbent on Voddie Baucham to publicly rebuke his friend and disassociate himself from him and his views, or come right out and state that he shares his despicable views.

If he is also liberal on drugs, I hope that people will refrain from putting him on a pedestal (as many do) and recognise the seriousness of his compromise.

I hope Baucham is supportive of the war against drugs, but we shall have to wait and see. The fact that his daughter, Jasmine Baucham Holmes posted a photo of herself on her twitter recently, proudly showing off what appeared to be a nose stud does not inspire me to think that the Baucham’s are holding the line in the battle with worldliness.

7 thoughts on “This man is a dangerous fool (and a “dear friend of Voddie Baucham”)

    • Mr.Allman, did you not read the article I gave a link to in my post? In it you will read about US politician David Simpson’s liberal views on marijuana.

      We were refuting Simpson’s views by writing our post and giving a link to his article so readers can see for themselves that this man is both foolish and dangerous.

      There is supposed to be a “war on drugs” in USA and UK but in the UK at least, it is the war that has never been fought. When most illicit drug users are caught, they get a “slap on the wrist,” (sometimes not even that) and sometimes they are given clean needles at “shoot-up stations” to enable them to continue their habit with the approval of some medical authorities and foolish academics. This is madness.

      Obviously you do not think our hard hitting post on our blog was not refutation enough (or at all.) We disagree with you because no-one could read our post without seeing it as a blast of the trumpet against the drug liberalisers.

      By the way, Mr.Allman, we deleted your previous comment about women speaking in Church etc because, having looked at the feminist site you gave a link to, we do not approve of much of its content (I did scroll through some archive material) and, as your comment was so intrinsically linked to the article on that feminist site, we had no alternative but to delete it all.

      Are you standing as an Independent in the forthcoming election?

      I too am a candidate (Independent) in our part of Northern Ireland in the forthcoming election.

      • “and sometimes they are given clean needles at “shoot-up stations””
        This is to prevent needle sharing and the spread of disease, thus ensuring greater safety of the population.

        I don’t mind people having radical views, but ill informed radical views is not acceptable in my book. Spreading them to people as truth is just plain dangerous. There is a place for religion and rationality, unfortunately it does not reside here. God be with you. Rath Dé ort.

        • Injecting dangerous drugs is never safe and cannot be made so by the use of clean needles and medical supervision. We need a war on drugs. This is the war that has never been fought. Individuals addicted to drugs should face punitive sanctions (they are breaking the law after all,) and helped to break their drug habit by medical professionals, some of whom seem engaged in efforts to enable addicts to continue their drug use, albeit cleanly and “safely.” This is madness!

          • I find it difficult to see Jesus (pbuh) incarcerating drug users. People usually turn to drugs to escape hardship and get themselves caught in a cycle of self abuse. As Christians, should we not give these people the love and nurture they need to break these habits and help them to pull their lives back together so that they may find Him in their hearts and seek the way, truth and light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

          • You’re only saying its madness because it doesn’t make sense to you. This is not madness, these changes are diligently thought though and proven before widely adopted. Its madness to ignore the suffering of these people and only accept them on terms you set out. I don’t believe that’s the teachings of Jesus, there’s a distinct lack of compassion from your actions. I suspect you see life in black and white, good/bad, right/wrong, when in reality life is much more fluid and complex than you’re willing to realise.

      • It doesn’t seem like you have offered any refutation of the “Christian Case for Drug Reform”. Most of your blog post actually seems to be a summary of the article. Maybe you could use the teachings of the Lord from the Bible to show how this path would be in contravention of the will of the Almighty?

        God Bless,


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