Fiona brooks no criticism!

Update on our recent post entitled, “Feminism, Victoria’s Secrets and Fiona Paisley.”

Her twitter account is now protected and no longer open to public view. Make of this what you will.

Before she took this course of action, she removed three of the four offending tweets we highlighted in our post. She also tweeted a despicable and slanderous comment about us, and only Christian charity toward her prevents us from reprinting her words here. However, we have a record of them.

She also posted words of support she received from a woman named Wendy. This support consisted of derogatory comments about us and our blog. Wendy is known to us and she is a pro-abortion feminist and has troubled us a great deal on our blog about our pro-life views.

Note well, Mrs.Paisley, the views of your supporter Wendy!

PS  We have changed the title of our original post which was entitled, “Fiona silences her critics.”

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