Feminism, Victoria’s Secrets and Fiona Paisley

Fiona Paisley is the wife of Ian Paisley MP, the son of the late Ian R.K.Paisley. She has a Twitter  account and some of its content was shocking because Mrs.Paisley would claim to be an Evangelical Christian.

Whilst she does not describe herself as a Feminist on her Twitter profile, she is living the life that Feminism says she ought to live. She is a member of a gym called Crossfit which appears to be the latest exercise craze and is not without its critics.

Mrs.Paisley has photos of herself lifting heavy weights as if it was wise and safe for women to attempt such feats. However, as women are 40-50% weaker than men (generally speaking) women should not be lifting weights at all and Fiona Paisley is at risk of serious injury if she continues to place such unnatural and unnecessary strain on her body. Other women may be inclined to follow her example and serious injury could result. The heavy weightlifting is obviously changing the appearance of Mrs.Paisley’s arms (photo on twitter) as she is developing unfeminine bulging biceps, about which she says, “loving what @crossfit is doing to my arm.”

Another deeply disturbing (and shocking) revelation on Fiona Paisley’s twitter account is her disclosure that she visited a Victoria’s Secrets shop, and she  taunted her readers with these words, “Guess where I was today?” It is shameful for a professing Christian to visit a shop which is in the same category as the vile Ann Summers shops.

Perhaps the most shocking item on her twitter account is a retweet from rugby player Andrew Trimble, who also claims to be an Evangelical Christian. The photo accompanying this retweet is obscene. Shame on anyone who would reproduce such a photo.

All the above bears shocking testimony to the fact that most professing Christians today are not just in the world, but of it, and they love it. Yet the Bible clearly states, “Love not the world,” and “Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord.”

Click on the following link to draw your own conclusions,  and pay particular attention to the following dates, 1st August, 13th June, 16th May, 4th May.


3 thoughts on “Feminism, Victoria’s Secrets and Fiona Paisley

  1. If you’re against feminism why are you involved in politics? Which is as I’m sure you know a historically male profession and would not be accessible to you were it not for the feminists you oppose so vehemently. It is obviously unfeminine for you to continue your political career. In order to address this and remove your support of the feminist agenda I suggest you resign as soon as possible.

  2. Why shouldn’t Women lift Weights? Women can do so, exercise and be as strong as Men. Are you opposed to Women being able to defend themselves physically as well? And before you blame “Women dressing provocitavely” or any of that nonsense, i’d remind you that Women were abused and raped back in the days when they had to completely cover themselves, as is the case in many African and Islamic countries today.

  3. Oh for goodness sake… Women have children and have to carry them about, (whilst the man is at work of course, otherwise he would be using his big strong muscles) even when they are heavy. So we can lift weights. You can’t have it every way Mrs White. Well you can in your made up little world of rules, just no one will follow you. Why not just get a hobby- knitting or ‘light gardening’- all this thinking is surely bad for a women.

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