Clare Bailey – busy making mischief

Clare Bailey, the Deputy Leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland is a mischief-maker par excellence.

When she is not agitating for abortion on demand, she is promoting the LGBT agenda.

Listen to her pro-LGBT rant at a Belfast rally against the Conscience clause at the following link,

The Left doesn’t want anyone to have the right to oppose any type of sexual deviancy on grounds of conscience.

Note the line-up of speakers on stage behind Miss/Mrs Bailey. Naomi Long of the liberal, left-leaning Alliance Party is there, as is Gerry Kelly, a convicted IRA bomber now elevated to a position in our Government made possible because of the dreadful abandonment of principle by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) the late Ian Paisley’s Party. Also in the line-up is Alex Atwood of the SDLP, another Left-leaning liberal Party.

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