Halal horror at Bowood Lamb Halal Slaughterhouse

Halal slaughter is cruel in and of itself but the barbaric cruelty inflicted on defenceless terrified animals as they are slaughtered using the halal method is obviously not cruel enough for some Muslims as witnessed by their wicked behaviour at Bowood Lamb halal slaughterhouse in Yorkshire England.

An animal welfare organisation called Animal Aid secretly filmed the horrific goings-on at the aforementioned slaughterhouse over three days last December. The footage showed the delight four wicked slaughtermen took in inflicting torture on terrified sheep and lambs. They kicked the animals, stood on the necks of some, hacked and hacked at the throats of fully conscious animals and even drew spectacles around the eyes of a practically decapitated sheep as it slowly bled to death. Some of these wicked wretches wore Muslim Kufi skullcaps.

One worker has been sacked and three more suspended. They should be in prison!

A Government vet is supposedly in attendance at slaughterhouses, so how is it possible that such horror was recorded by the camera?

The Muslim halal authorities have stated that the behaviour of the slaughtermen fell far short of the behaviour expected of halal slaughtermen but we beg to disagree because non-stun halal slaughter is itself cruel and should be banned!

Muslims torture many cattle during their Eid Festival in October. An animal welfare group called Animals Australia claimed to have proof that Australian cattle were stabbed in the eye, knee-capped with assault rifles, strangled and brutally slaughtered during the Muslim Eid al Adha Festival in the Gaza Strip in October 2013.

What have the Halal authorities to say about such carnage?

Further evidence of Muslim animal cruelty can be seen in the following video, which was not filmed at Bowood Lamb abattoir. The footage is horrific in the extreme, so we are issuing a caution, but we believe as many as possible should view it.

Islam is cruel and the cause of much suffering to human beings and animals.

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