Ban this film!

BBC Northern Ireland radio programme “Talkback” discussed the violent pornographic film “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Thursday this week (12th February.)

I was given the opportunity to make my views known on the air via telephone.

I stated, in no uncertain terms, that the film should be banned.

I also said that I hoped that Christians would protest against it at every cinema in Northern Ireland which is screening it.

However, as most Christians refuse to take the battle to the enemy, it is almost a foregone conclusion that no protest will take place, not even one!

We are not like most Christians today because we have been active in our opposition to said film and are presently engaged in distributing copies of a tract which we wrote ourselves, entitled “No grey areas with this devilish film,” and by contacting the two cinemas in our area requesting that they refuse to screen it.

We have given copies of our tract to several Pastors/Ministers and Churches, asking them to join us in opposing the film.

We have had no response from any of them!

To hear my contribution on the “Talkback” programme, click on the following link (I can be heard at 39 minutes 20 seconds slot).

2 thoughts on “Ban this film!

  1. Hasn’t it dawned on you yet that banning anything does NOT get rid of it. It merely makes it more popular. If it does get banned then it still gets in and sells regardless, no matter what it is.

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