Dr. Samina Dornan’s diatribe links pro-lifers to Taliban!

Dr. Samina Dornan is a Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Northern Ireland, although she is originally from Afghanistan.
She is the wife of Professor Jim Dornan, a retired consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.
She took part in a documentary entitled  “Abortion – Ireland’s Guilty Secret” (BBC) which aired this week, and her comments were revealing and shocking.
At one point, she turned on the tears, but she was not tearful about the tiny lives destroyed by abortion, not at all.
She completely ignored the unborn child and his/her right to life.

She is obviously pro-abortion (in certain circumstances) and has embraced the feminist mantra of “my body, my choice,” when she stated that, “I want to make sure my patients are safe, whatever she decides.”

According to Dr.Dornan, it is almost as hard for a doctor to work independently in Northern Ireland as it would be in Afghanistan. This, she believes, is due to “political interference.”
She continued in this vein (excuse the pun) when she compared anti-abortion views in N. Ireland to the ideology of the Taliban!
Dr. Samina has difficulty spotting those she views as the NI version of the Taliban because here they wear suits, but, according to her, they are still “religious fundamentalists” with “extreme ideas.”

This woman is a Muslim from Afghanistan. The Taliban are her co-religionists. They are ruthless and  savage. They enforce Muslim Sharia law which includes beheading and other horrors such as shooting a young girl in the head because she wanted girls to be educated. They show no mercy to the defenceless, young or old.

Those who wear white coats in N. Ireland i.e doctors, and perform abortions, or demand abortion “rights,” also show no mercy to the defenceless i.e the unborn child.

So, we ask the question, who is the “Taliban in suits” in Northern Ireland, pro-life activists or pro-abortion doctors?

How dare Dr. Samina Dornan compare our pro-life views to those of the pro-death Taliban.

To hear her make these comments, click on the following link ( she appears at 38 minutes, 03 seconds into programme) https://youtube.com/watch?v=5dSICoqnFGA

7 thoughts on “Dr. Samina Dornan’s diatribe links pro-lifers to Taliban!

    • We are sure that Dr.Dornan has helped many women during pregnancy and childbirth, however, we take issue with her pro-choice statements. We were not unfair to her in any way, we simply quoted what she had said, we did not attribute to her any words she did not say. How were we unfair?

  1. You have quoted her then very harshly judged her words and brought her religion into it. I think this is unfair. Samina is a very caring doctor (I worked alongside her a few years back) who no doubt cares very much for babies as well as women.

  2. This is total b….. I’ve have come across this article by chance. But Mrs Doran is one of the most decent human beings I’ve ever met. And I’m sorry but as a catholic and having a partner we have both seen Mrs Doran about a very difficult birth if the baby survives in womb. At no point has Doctor Doran suggested a termination and as for your reference to Afghanistan. Believe it or not it actually was a pretty westernised country at one stage before the CIA and Saudis had there way. Doctor Dorans statements aren’t as much pro choice as pro her patient. And believe me I’m a big catholic head who is anti abortion, so get real people and grow up.

    • We have removed the vulgar word you used, for obvious reasons. Dr.Samina Dornan is pro-choice and she has taken part in conferences organised by the fanatically pro-abortion group called “Medical Students for Choice” based at Queen’s University Belfast. “Pro-Choice” is a euphemism for pro-abortion. We are not Roman Catholics so your comment that you are a “big catholic head” is meaningless although we are glad that you are pro-life. We are Evangelical Christians and we are 100% pro-life. Also you speak of your “partner” and you obviously don’t mean your business partner so if you are not married then the woman you refer to is your girlfriend.

  3. Dr Dornan is not from Afghanistan. She is from Pakistan. She is ethical, compassionate and above all wise. you do your fellow Christians no favours with your judgement and bigotry.

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