A sample letter to oppose forthcoming film!

We have sent the following e-mail to two cinemas in our locality urging the proprietors to say “NO” to the forthcoming pornographic film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” by refusing to screen it.

We have also had tracts printed warning people about it which we have entitled, “No grey areas with this devilish film,” and we have already begun to distribute them.

We encourage those who share our concerns about this movie to do as we have done i.e contact cinemas and urge them to refuse to screen it.

Any who wish to take action are free to copy our e-mail below and append their own name at its conclusion. We are lifting copyright restrictions to enable our viewers to do so. However, copyright restrictions apply to all other posts on our blog unless we advise to the contrary.

No grey areas with this film!

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have learned that you intend to screen the forthcoming pornographic film “Fifty Shades of Grey” at your Cinema complex.

We do not go to the cinema ourselves but we know enough about this film from reviews etc. to know that it is dangerous and should be banned.

Are you aware that the main actor in the film, Jamie Dornan, described his seven months of filming with these chilling words, “It was seven months of tying up women.”

This film promotes sado-masochistic bondage and sexual anarchy, and seeks to “normalise” such evil activities.

We do not want cinema-goers to be corrupted by, or desensitised to, dangerous practices, which they will be if you screen this film.

This film may encourage some viewers to practice in real life the evil activities engaged in on screen, which could lead to serious harm, injury or even death.

You wouldn’t want that responsibility on your conscience, now would you?

Please have the courage to say “NO” to this film by refusing to screen it.

Thank you, from Mr. & Mrs. F.J. White, County Tyrone.

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