They don’t want a conscience clause because they have no conscience!

The LGBT lobby and their hangers-on are holding demonstrations tomorrow, in three, possibly four different cities/towns in Northern Ireland.

They are protesting against the proposed “Conscience Clause” amendment to the NI Equality Act, proposed by Mr. Paul Givan of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP.)

This Clause would protect Christians (and others) from being forced to violate their conscience, such as in the case of a NI bakery which was targeted by the Equalities Commission NI because they refused to add a pro-gay marriage slogan to a cake ordered by homosexuals.

The LGBT lobby do not want to lose their “litigation as strategy” ploy which they have used to persecute (and prosecute) Christians and intend to continue doing.

However, this “Conscience clause” stands in their way and, if it becomes law, it will slow down the “gay” juggernaut as it careers through society leaving devastation in its wake.

Mr. Givan, we wish you well and pray that God will grant you success in your worthy endeavour.

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