Kyle Paisley has no problem with multifaith Councils!

Rev. Kyle Paisley is a son of the late Dr. Ian Paisley and he is the Minister of Oulton Broad Free Presbyterian Church in Suffolk, England.

He was a contributor today on the BBC NI radio programme “Talkback” and the subject under discussion was Christian prayer in Council chambers.

Mr.Paisley does not appear to have any difficulty with the prospect of other religions opening Council meetings with prayer, if the Chairman/woman of the Council happens to belong to a non-Christian religion.

Rev.Paisley summed up his thoughts with this startling statement, “a little religion is not going to kill anybody.”

He would draw the line at Pagans opening in prayer, as he would leave the room during such “prayer,” but he did not indicate that he would do the same if a Muslim opened in prayer.

Mr.Paisley is not a Councillor, as far as we know, so the question of Council meetings opening with prayer is purely academic for him.

Nevertheless, as an Evangelical Christian Minister, he should be giving a lead, and asserting, without apology, that Biblical Christianity is the only true faith and that the Biblical Lord Jesus is the “way, the truth and the life,” and that no man comes to the Father but by Him.”

You are wrong, Mr.Paisley, “a little religion,” unless it is Biblically sound, is, spiritually speaking, very dangerous indeed.

Are Kyle Paisley’s views reflective of the Free Presbyterian Church in general?

We trust they are not!

Listen to the aforementioned radio programme at this link. Pay particular attention to the part of the discussion found at 20 minutes 41 seconds.

One thought on “Kyle Paisley has no problem with multifaith Councils!

  1. Kyle Paisley is going down the wrong road
    He is an apostate
    How his father ( pre u turn ) would have ridiculed him
    Like father like son

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