The (IN)famous Five – Purvis, Hughes, Teggart, Campbell and Bloomer!

Amnesty International Northern Ireland organised a pro-abortion conference last Saturday (which we warned about in a recent post.) It was part of their “My Body, My Rights” campaign.

Five speakers addressed the conference. Here we will name and shame them (although we think they are incapable of feeling shame,)

Dawn Purvis of Marie Stopes abortion clinic
Breedagh Hughes, the law-breaking midwife
Grainne Teggart of Amnesty NI
Emma Campbell (also known as “Frecklescorp”)
Fiona Bloomer of IRISS department, University of Ulster

Some years ago, one of the speakers, Dawn Purvis, stated that the unborn has no rights and obviously that was the message communicated at this evil conference, with its slogan of “My Body, My Rights.”

See photos of the aforementioned speakers (and their audience) at following link,

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