Why is Breedagh Hughes not in prison?

Breedagh Hughes, a midwife, and the Director of the Royal College of Midwives, is an abortionist and should be in prison.

She has admitted to performing numerous illegal abortions, specifically killing disabled babies, in Northern Ireland.

It is highly unlikely that she committed these murders alone, so who assisted her or whom did she assist when the lives of these unborn children were terminated?

How many murderous medics do we have in Northern Ireland?

It is our understanding that Miss/Mrs. Hughes was investigated by the police, but we cannot find any information on the outcome of said investigation.

Here is a quote from an article from 2007, about Breedagh Hughes and her nefarious activities,

“It has come to our notice that that the Secretary (now Director) for the Royal College of Midwives, Miss/Mrs Breedagh Hughes, has been, by her own admission, performing numerous illegal abortions in Northern Ireland. Her detailed admission appeared in an article by Liam Clarke on the front page of The Times newspaper, 23rd May, 2004.”

Read the remainder of the article by clicking on the following link and scrolling down the page.


This Saturday there will be yet another pro-abortion conference in Belfast and one of the speakers is Breedagh Hughes!
Amnesty International NI are behind the conference and it is part of their “My Body, My Rights” campaign. Grainne Teggart from Amnesty is another of the speakers and she cannot contain her delight at the prospect of hearing the murderous midwife speak!
Here is a quote from Miss/Mrs. Teggart’s twitter page, “Delighted that Breedagh Hughes will also be speaking at MyBodyMyRights conference.”

Amnesty International are supposedly against torture but they obviously make an exception when the victims are unborn babies. They are aggressively agitating for the torture/murder of unborn babies with their wicked campaign.

Here are the names of the other speakers, Dawn Purvis (from Marie Stopes abortion clinic)
Fiona Bloomer (University of Ulster)
Emma Campbell (also from Uni of Ulster)
Rebecca Hall (President National Union of Students)
Sarah O’Grady (Chairwoman Amnesty)
Patrick Corrigan (Amnesty NI Programme Director)

The unborn child is in peril of its life in a society that tolerates these evil people. Freedom of speech does not permit incitement to murder!

2 thoughts on “Why is Breedagh Hughes not in prison?

    • To take your evil mind to its natural conclusion, you would also give Hitler a medal if you could!

      If “Manson” is your real name, then you share your surname with the mass murderer Charles Manson. He and his followers brutally murdered several people. One of their victims was an unborn baby. Actress Sharon Tate was with child eight months and they murdered her and her unborn baby.

      Is there any difference between the murder of Sharon Tate’s unborn baby and the deliberate killing of a disabled unborn baby at eight months gestation by abortion?

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