Feminist ( Mis)judgement!

The Irish Feminist Judgement Project, a little known feminist group convened at Queen’s University Belfast on 15th and 16th December, 2014 for a two day workshop entitled “The Choosing Subject.”

On Day 2 (16th December) their theme was “Abortion Struggles and Legal Protest.”

Audrey Simpson, a sexual revolutionary from the equally sex-obsessed Family Planning Association (FPA) was one of several speakers, as was Emma Campbell.
The FPA is the British equivalent of the USA’s Planned Parenthood, and Emma Campbell is a student at the University of Ulster, a hotbed of pro-abortion feminism. Last Summer Emma Campbell was in Canada taking part in a pro-abortion conference called “Abortion – the Unfinished Revolution.”

Audrey Simpson (who several years ago said that lust is a good thing)  gave a “reflection” on “Litigation as Strategy.”

One has to wonder if the pro-aborts are already putting this strategy into practice as they recently succeeded in taking a pro-life activist to court and having her found guilty of “harassment.”

No doubt they intend to haul other pro-life men and women to court (again by false accusation) in an attempt to silence those opposed to abortion. Buffer zones outside abortion clinics is another of their demands, and, although they have not got their way to date, it is likely that they will, as it appears there are some Judges sympathetic to their “cause.”

Emma Campbell spoke about “Art as creating alternative flora for abortion rights activism.”

She also spoke on “The regulation of female behaviour.”

Closing the last day of the workshop, a Northern Ireland High Court Judge, Mr.Justice Deeny, addressed those present.

What conclusions can be drawn about his presence at a feminist pro-abortion workshop?

To see photos of the workshop, click on the link below.

The photos of Audrey Simpson at the conference are numbered PC161292, PC161293, and PC161294 and sitting beside her is Goretti Horgan, another well known pro-abortion feminist. Audrey Simpson is the blonde in the middle of aforementioned photos and Goretti Horgan is the blonde to her left. One can view these and other photos of workshop at link below.


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