Mara Clarke – The face of evil

Mara Clarke, the founder of the despicable Abortion Support Network, filmed herself singing her thanks to her fellow pro-aborts for donating money to her wicked organisation, thereby enabling her to continue to facilitate abortions for women “across the Irish Sea.”

She changes the words of the pop group Abba’s song, “Thank you for the music,” and turns it into a paen to abortion and those who fund it.

She begins with these words, “Thank you for the funding, the dosh you’re giving, thanks for all the lives you’re saving….”

“the lives you’re saving?!!!!!”  Ponder these words of the evil Mara Clarke, the murderous abortion facilitator.

She certainly does not mean the lives of unborn children, because abortion ends their lives.

So, in her twisted mind, destroying unborn babies “saves lives!”

God hates your “hands that shed innocent blood” Mara Clarke! Click on the link to see her mug shot.

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