21 reasons why Christians should avoid drinking alcohol

Should Christians drink alcohol?

We are abstentionists, therefore our response is a resounding “NO!”

We know that some Christians believe they have the liberty to drink alcohol because the Bible does not forbid drinking per se.

Well then, let them drink a little wine at home (if they must,) but never anything stronger!

Click on the following link to read Pastor Brett’s 21 reasons to avoid drinking alcohol, then read the article found at the second link to read of what can happen when Christians allow themselves the “liberty” of going “pubbing and clubbing!”



PS  Pastor Brett has links to related articles about this subject at the conclusion of his post. One is entitled, “Study reports alcohol more harmful than heroine or crack.”

We must advise our readers that the man behind the study is Professor David Nutt, a well known liberal who wants to see all drugs decriminalised!

Whilst it is certainly true that alcohol is dangerous, it is also true that Prof. Nutt is pursuing a dangerous agenda in seeking the decriminalisation of all drugs.

We hope he never gets his way!

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