“Take it up with Almighty God, Mr.Crawley”!

BBC Northern Ireland’s weekly radio programme “Talkback” today gave Mrs.White a (now) rare opportunity to speak on air, via telephone during a debate on the sentencing of pro-life campaigner Mrs.Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life for “harassing” the intimidating Dawn Purvis of the infamous abortion clinic Marie Stopes in Belfast.

The host of the “Talkback” radio programme is William Crawley, and, during my contribution to the debate, I stated that I have publicly opposed the Marie Stopes clinic by displaying a Bible sign which reminds those who perform (or have) abortions that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood.”

Mr.Crawley then stated that I was telling people going into the abortion clinic that God hates them, to which I responded with “draw your own conclusions, Mr.Crawley, who then stated “that is the conclusion” i.e God hates them.

As Mr.Crawley had difficulty accepting his own conclusions about the Bible verse, I responded with these words, “Take it up with Almighty God.”

To hear the debate, click on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04t8tsz

The discussion begins at 45 minutes 13 seconds; my contribution begins at 1 hour 11 minutes 14 seconds.

17 thoughts on ““Take it up with Almighty God, Mr.Crawley”!

  1. Meet me outside the Marie Stopes clinic this Friday at 2pm and I will sort you out once and for all Mrs White. Let’s see how good God is at protecting people like you eh?

  2. As deeply committed Christians we find your statement regarding God hating ‘them’ absolutely abhorrent! God hates no-one, he did not create hate but unfortunately he created people like yourself who do propogate hatred. Shame on you! your views are reprehensible and you have no right to promote God as a hateful figure, you have no place or right speaking for God at all! He loves everyone, even you (hard as it may seem to understand). People are turning away from Him because of people exactly like yourself. Once again, shame on you, go to church and ask His forgiveness for being so full of self-righteousness!

    • It sounds like you have your own novel idea of God i.e a tolerant, non-judgemental God who loves everybody and turns a blind eye to their sin. If this is your idea of God, then such a being is a figment of your imagination. What do you make of verses that tell us that God is angry with the wicked every day? God DOES hate “hands that shed innocent blood.” Those hands are not disembodied hands floating about somewhere, those hands are attached to human beings, so draw your own conclusions about that verse and tell us what you think it means, and, if you don’t like the conclusion, take it up with Almighty God.
      You two are pathetic excuses for Christians.

  3. You have shown yourselves to be the frauds that you both are. Your ‘brand’ of Christanity is your own creation and to be rejected by all rightminded people who know God for the loving creator He is. He makes mistakes and you both are prime examples of that.

    • So you follow a God who “makes mistakes!” You had better be careful then because your “God” might just make a mistake and cast you both into hell.
      But then again, you probably don’t believe in hell.

      Now, if it’s not too much trouble, will you kindly address the verses we mentioned in our last reply to you i.e God hates hands that shed innocent blood. What conclusion do you draw from that verse? If you ignore this question again, we can safely conclude that the conclusion is too much for your theologically puny minds to comprehend.

  4. This reply shows either 1) your immature, sheltered and limited home-schooled daughter has taken over posting the replies on this blog or…2) You have both developed senile dementia which would explain your irrational behaviour in both the immature replies posted here and the beady-eyed Mrs White’s choice of that hideous tweed jacket she chose to wear in that photograph she approved for publication in the Belfast Telegraph during the last elections. One must question if Mr and Mrs White are in fact sibings or cousins given how uncannily their ideas and behaviour resembles that of the inbreds in the film ‘Deliverance’. Mrs White certainly has close enough-set eyes to suggest her own parents were closely related…either way, good luck with Sandra.

    • And you describe yourselves as “deeply committed Christians?!!” Here is another verse for you to ponder (and ignore,) “….Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” Romans chapter 9 verse 13.

  5. It was not a debate by any means. you are no match for William Crawley, he let you off lightly. You made a fool of yourself Susan. Again.

    • Mr.Crawley more than met his match in me. The only words he uttered to me, after I advised him to “take it up with Almighty God” were “Thank you very much.” He ended my phone-in contribution at that point and I believe he did so because he knew he had met his match in me.

      • Lmfao at the thought of you being a match for the well educated, articulate William Crawley. On another note, is there any point of there being a gathered audience outside Marie Stopes at 2pm this afternoon to witness your showdown with Sandra? It could be quite a spectacle.

  6. He ended the call because you were wasting his time and boring listeners like me, arguing with idiots like you never yields results nor anything logical. Just because someone cannot be bothered to continue to give you air time does not mean you won the debate or ‘met his match’, Mr Crawley is a very informed and articulate man and simply not given to entertaining idiots like you more than is necessary. Take it from a listener – you lost and came across as shrill and uninformed. ……………….

  7. The consensus Susan is that you were dropped from the Crawley broadcast because you were boring and ridiculous. Not because you had the last word or because you ‘won’ the discussion. You didn’t. He could wipe the floor with you if he so chose. He is an experienced broadcaster and knows when to terminate a pointless call that is going nowhere. Why on earth do you bother?

  8. But Mr and Mrs White, your “God” sheds innocent blood every day…. via miscarriages (what you could call “natural abortion”), and via horrible diseases like Childhood Leukemia and Meningitis, the latter which has caused lots of innocent children to be mutilated by having to have limbs removed. That’s what your “God” does….. and you then have the gumption to criticize another poster who says “God makes mistakes”… Do you seriously believe that your God “hates hands that shed innocent blood” while all the time doing it himself?? Are your really saying that its ok for the innocent to suffer and bleed so long as your “God” is doing it and not mere Human Beings?

    • As a result of the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, death and disease and violence entered the world and that is the explanation for the world being as it is today. Before Adam and Eve sinned, there was no sickness, no violence and no death.

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