NIHRC and the shadowy figure of Kellie Turtle

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission are to legally challenge the existing abortion legislation in Northern Ireland, they threatened, oops, announced, this week.
They believe that the present law, as it stands,  is “a violation of human rights.”

What about the unborn baby’s right to life, Mr Allamby? (He is the Chief Commissioner of the aforementioned NIHRC.)

Abortion is a gross violation of his or her human rights, is it not, Mr. Chief Commissar, oops, Commissioner?

Hidden in the shadows of the NIHRC is a sinister figure, one Kellie Turtle, she of Belfast Feminist Network and the homosexual Rainbow Project infamy.

She is also fanatically pro-abortion and is a co-conspirator with other well-known pro-aborts, such as Fiona Bloomer, Kellie O’ Dowd, Emma Campbell, Mark Benson and Grainne Teggart, the latter works with pro-abortion organisation Amnesty International, and the aforementioned (and others) are conspiring to force abortion on demand on Northern Ireland.

Now, the fact that Kellie Turtle is an “Education worker” with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission does not necessarily mean that she is influencing or suggesting their policy and actions, does it?!!!!!

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