Prof. Dornan, what about the tiny lives destroyed by abortion?

Professor Jim Dornan, a retired consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Northern Ireland is one of the speakers at a pro-abortion event organised by Medical Students for Choice, Queen’s University Belfast, next Tuesday, 2nd December.

Professor Dornan is the President of a premature baby charity in Northern Ireland called TinyLife, so it is inexplicable why he would want to be associated in any way with a pro-abortion group.

However, a closer examination of his somewhat ambiguous views on abortion will reveal that he, and they, are perhaps not such strange bedfellows after all.

Last year he had a book launch for his book entitled, “An Everyday Miracle.”

He was interviewed by a NI newspaper, the Irish News, about his book, and the article was entitled, “Reflecting on the miracle of life,” and here follows a quote (from the newspaper,)

“He (Dornan) treads lightly around the hot abortion topic in his book but it is clear he doesn’t take kindly to male politicians – or the Church – prescriptively dictating the rights and needs of women he has spent a lifetime understanding and caring for…………………….his belief in balance, truth, choice and really listening to women is reassuringly apparent.”  (end of quote)

It is deeply disturbing to consider that a man with these views is the President of the charity TinyLife (mentioned above) which is “dedicated to reducing premature births, illness, disability and death in babies,” (a quote from its Facebook page)

So, if Prof. Dornan is of the opinion that “abortion rights” must be granted to women in Northern Ireland, how does he reconcile that opinion with his viewpoint  that the unborn baby is a “tiny life” and that birth is “an everyday miracle?”

Pro-abortion activists attempt to dehumanise the unborn child by referring to him or her as a foetus, a clump of cells, or, even worse, a thing, whereas Prof. Dornan recognises unborn babies as “tiny life,” so why is he associated in any way with the pro-abortion lobby?

He wants premature babies to have the best possible chance of survival and this we wholeheartedly agree with, but what if a mother-to-be wants to abort her 23 or 24 weeks gestation baby, would Jim Dornan want her to have that “right?”

If the answer is “yes” then he is advocating the killing of “tiny lives.”

The pro-abortion meeting next week at Queen’s University will, in addition to Prof. Dornan, also be addressed by Grainne Teggart, from Amnesty International, Dr. Fiona Bloomer from the University of Ulster, and Mark Benson from QUB.

Miss/Mrs. Teggart,  Dr. Bloomer and Mr. Benson are all fanatically pro-abortion.

One thought on “Prof. Dornan, what about the tiny lives destroyed by abortion?

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    May there be some bold pro-life Christians willing to speak up for the sanctity of life and oppose these pro-death lobbyists and warn them that murderers shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

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