BBC Children in Need charity fund homosexual group

The BBC charity “Children in Need” hosts its annual television extravaganza tomorrow, during which extremely rich “celebrities” will make exhibitions (and fools) of themselves as they beg those watching to part with their money.

If the wealthy “celebrities” involved really cared about children in need, they would give large sums of their own money to fund the building of schools, houses and hospitals.

Soon, some of the same people (actors/actresses/rock musicians and singers) will be pleading with the longsuffering public to part with yet more of their hard-earned cash, this time to help in the fight against the disease Ebola.

We have a message for these professional “beggars,” and it is this, “give your own money and leave the public in peace.”

We have discovered that the “Children in Need” charity in Northern Ireland funds a homosexual group called the Rainbow Project.

That is reason enough to refuse to support Children in Need because the last thing innocent children need is to be recruited in to the homosexual lifestyle.

We also discovered that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) also fund the same homosexual group. See link below:

In doing so, the Police are facilitating an organisation which is recruiting children in to its ranks and, as proof of this we cite a “gay” pride parade of recent years when a participant carried a banner with these words, “10% is not enough, Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.”

4 thoughts on “BBC Children in Need charity fund homosexual group

  1. How ignorant are you both? it is a proven fact that people do not choose to be gay their sexuality is decided by the time they are born and emerges when they hit puberty. How the heck can anyone be ‘recruited’ to be gay? excuse me while I split my sides laughing. Blame your god if you want to blame anyone god designs people, gay people included. What a hateful pair you both are.

    • If you have stopped laughing and assuming you are not “in stitches” perhaps you would address your question i.e “How the h… can anyone be “recruited” to be gay?” to the Rainbow Project in Londonderry.

      What message do you, Maria Cantrell, think the placard carrier at that “gay” pride parade was conveying, other than that they were seeking recruits for the homosexual lobby?

      We note you have nothing to say about rich celebrities begging less well off people (some of them poverty-stricken) to part with their money?

  2. have been scouring the web and this blog for a self condemnation by Christianity for the “Hallelujah” “Praise the Lord” Christian involved in the Christian Protest at Twadell Avenue Belfast when he got on top of a police land rover and bared is rectum for all and sundry to see.

    Whats the big bug a boo about homosexuality when you wont condemn Christian Filth. Imagine a young child viewing that at the time or seeing it on you tube. A Christian doing that, what the gay pride had produced a few years ago and complained about by Christendom

    WE cant tell people any more to put their faith and trust in the Lord when they are down in the dumps, Iris Robinson showed everyone that being a Born again Christians means absolutely nothing at all. And of course we had the dentist preacher Howell and the Sunday school teacher Stewart , who murdered their spouses, the almost perfect crime, The man Howell the only one to show any remorse for his crime spilling the beans to the power when eventually overcome with guilt.

    Amazing how outreach evangelical Christianity (like yourself ) is silent on these issues.

    Matthew 7 KJV
    Romans 3:23-24 KJV
    Matthew 23 KJV

    • We don’t know anything about the incident at Twadell Avenue so we cannot comment, except to say that the protest there is not a Christian protest and we have never heard it described as such. If the fellow you mentioned behaved as you described, then we say that he is vile and disgusting and should have been arrested.
      Regarding Iris Robinson, she is an adulteress and has brought reproach on Evangelical Christianity. We hope she has repented of her wickedness, however, she needs to repent publicly so people will know that she is ashamed of her sin, and heartbroken because of it.
      The case of Howells and Stewart is horrible and desperately wicked. The Coleraine Baptist church have questions to answer about their failures to act quickly and decisively with regard to the behaviour of the two offenders. It should have been obvious to those in leadership in that Baptist church that Colin Howells was a lustful man and that Hazel Stewart was after male attention. At the first hint or sign of adulterous behaviour on the part of both, they should have been warned about their conduct and threatened with Church discipline if they refused to listen and their spouses should have been told about the potential threat to their respective marriages, so they could watch their spouses and report any further suspicions to the Elders. Whatever disciplinary measures that church took against those two wretches (Howells and Stewart) was too little and too late. Regarding the double murder, it seems that Lesley Howells had told some of her female friends that her husband had tried to kill her by throwing some electrical gadget at her whilst she was in the bath, yet it appears that those foolish women did not go to the Pastor, because if they had, he would have known how serious the situation was becoming and he could have gone to the Police. Even after the double murder, the Coleraine church blithely accepted that the two innocent spouses had committed suicide despite the fact that some women in that church knew that Howells had tried to harm his wife whilst she was in the bath. Also, if we remember correctly, a note or letter was passed from one of the killers to the other at the funerals of their spouses and this may have been seen by some church members, yet despite this, that church never challenged the suicide verdict all those years until Colin Howells confessed. There was (and still could be) something deeply wrong with that Baptist church. All churches and all Pastors must watch their congregations and deal with potential problems at an early stage, and warnings against adultery should be thundered frequently from the pulpits in this land. Adultery should be a criminal offence, and, if it was, there would be fewer adulterers, that’s for sure.

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